Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Happy Independence, It's July!

Hello Moonlighters!

July first came unexpectedly.  Kind of feel as if I totally lost June, didn't notice the days passing until realizing it was the last day.

Summer is an amazing time in Georgia.  The loud songs of cicadas cresendo as the days turn into evening.  The barely there breeze moves the fuschia and white flower laden crepe myrtles' branches, while the whirl of lawn mowers sound early every Saturday morning...Ahhhh sumnertime!

Life Lists

At the beginning of every month, I sit down and write a life list.  I try to keep it to about six or seven items.  My Life List forces me to do stuff that I would otherwise put off.  I'm sharing July's with you and challenge you to come up with one of your very own!

My Desk

Sharing my work space since I got a couple emails from readers wanting to  see it.  My desk faces the living room and front door.  I can look out the front windows into the street.  There are more windows behind me that allow me to look to the back deck.

My desk is crammed with stuff.  I love to be surrounded by pretty stuff that I have accumulated, either as a gift or little fun things that catch my attention while I'm out shopping.  It is messy and crowded with stuff at times.  But it's totally me and I'm comfortable with it.

I found the pretty pad at Tuesday Morning.  The Highlander and Bagpiper are Christmas gifts from my Hubs

I love pretty pens!

I rarely ue the neat scanner.  It is supposed to make my life easier.  Just have to learn to use it!

Next Month...
If you noticed the planner and calendar on the bottom picture, be excited! Next month I will sharing my planning system.  It works great for me and its so much fun!

Have a Wonderful July!!