Tuesday, March 29, 2016

It's Alive!!

Possession is now available for Sale!  See why fans of the Immortal Protectors have been clamoring for the fourth book in the series.


Fallon Trent is going to die. Either the Protectors will kill him or he will do the honors himself. Either way the powerful demon inside him will not be allowed to flourish. After living so long, why does the love of his life have to enter his life at the same time as possession? 

As a human demon slayer, Tonia Mohr’s sole purpose is revenge. The more demons she kills the better – and she will continue finding the one that killed her husband. But will she be able to keep her oath when the man she loves becomes more demon than not? 

Immortal Protectors: : In a world where demons hide amongst humans, some good, some deadly, the immortal Protectors defend the innocent against those that mean them harm, while finding themselves defenseless against the powerful force of love.

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Monday, March 21, 2016

The Gentrys of Montana

Most of my western historical romances are more romantic than sensual.  I love to keep the sexual tension there, but refrain from having most of the characters make love while on the page.  Then the Gentry's came along.

These three hot brothers are not like my other westerns.  They are sexy risk takers who do not mind disrobing while the reader watches every single detail.
The reason?  I was asked for sensual western historical romances from a specific publisher and being she's a good friend, I agreed.

It was fun to write the three novellas and undress these cowboys.  I hope you get the opportunity to read them and enjoy Grant, Emerson and Lincoln Gentry as they not only romance you, but seduce you page after page.

How do you feel about sensual westerns?  Are you daring enough to read them?

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Thursday, March 17, 2016

Marching In, Marching Out

It's St. Patrick's day and not a pot o'gold in sight.  Dang it!

I have been out of sorts since the time changed and can't quite seem to get things straight.  Although I know what time it is, my mind and body are slow to catch up.  Funny this doesn't happen when time "falls back."  Hope you are faring better.

So this morning even after realizing it was St. Patrick's Day I didn't wear green.  I already had my new super cute Torrid sweat-shorts and pink Piggly Wiggly t-shirt.  So I threw on some shamrock earrings and called it a day.

Thankfully when I met my girlfriends for lunch, only two wore green.  The other two wore some kind of St. Patty's day jewelry, so fit right in.

I promoted the one book that had a lot of green, although it's a Scottish Highlander romance, it's pretty close to Ireland wouldn't you say?

Have a groovy St. Patrick's Day!!

Fate's wicked sense of humor strikes Highland guard Faolan Mackinnon when he ends up betrothed to Catriona Grant, a fiery lass, who he met only minutes earlier. 

A heartbroken Highland guard's last desperate attempt to regain the woman he loves becomes a journey across Scotland to a mysterious well that grants wishes. However upon getting to know a beautiful lass in the village of Moy, Faolan Mackinnon questions his true feelings. 

Catriona Grant is sure both her overbearing brother and the handsome stranger from Skye will balk when she challenges the newcomer to announce their betrothal. Instead she finds herself tied to a man, who is too honorable to dismiss her public pronouncement. 

How will two people who destiny brings together in the most unconventional way find they are meant to be? 

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