Tuesday, March 29, 2016

It's Alive!!

Possession is now available for Sale!  See why fans of the Immortal Protectors have been clamoring for the fourth book in the series.


Fallon Trent is going to die. Either the Protectors will kill him or he will do the honors himself. Either way the powerful demon inside him will not be allowed to flourish. After living so long, why does the love of his life have to enter his life at the same time as possession? 

As a human demon slayer, Tonia Mohr’s sole purpose is revenge. The more demons she kills the better – and she will continue finding the one that killed her husband. But will she be able to keep her oath when the man she loves becomes more demon than not? 

Immortal Protectors: : In a world where demons hide amongst humans, some good, some deadly, the immortal Protectors defend the innocent against those that mean them harm, while finding themselves defenseless against the powerful force of love.

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