Thursday, March 15, 2018

Langley's Legacy - Start it today!

My book Patrick's Proposal is part of the 6-book Langley Legacy series!

Beare and Forebeare” (be patient and endure)

Meet the Langley’s who’ve traveled from their homeland of Ireland with only what they could carry. Along with the meager possessions brought from their homeland of Ireland, were a piece of lace and a silver pocket watch with the family motto “Beare and Forebeare” inscribed inside.

When the Langley’s settled in New Dawn Springs, Oregon, little did they suspect the land would be a legacy to those who would come after them and that the land would be owned by the family for generations to come.

Follow the Langley’s rich family history through the years as told through the wonderful storytelling voices of these six bestselling authors.

A rash marriage proposal changes their lives forever, but will it keep her from danger or make things worse?
Emma Davis has no recourse but to run for her life on a stormy night. Seeking shelter in a barn she prays for a reprieve from a life of misery. When the son of a family in good standing helps her, Emma knows he'll expect something in return. It's time to run again, but where can she possibly go?
Patrick Langley's life has been good but predictable. When a woman needing protection enters his life on a stormy night, little does he realize, just how much things are about to change. She brings equal parts of passion and danger. The first is stronger than any storm.
A story of trust and new beginnings.
Note: Explicit Adult Content
" Beare and Forbeare"

1850 - FINN’S FORTUNE, by Kathleen Ball
1875 - PATRICK’S PROPOSAL, by Hildie McQueen
1899 - DONOVAN’S DECEIT, by Kathy Shaw
1933 - AIDAN’S ARRANGEMENT, by Peggy McKenzie
1968 - HEATH’S HOMECOMING, by Merry Farmer
Present Day - COLLIN’S CHALLENGE, by Sylvia McDaniel

Read it today and prepare to be pulled into Langley's Legacy!!

Monday, February 12, 2018

Love on the High Seas!

I'm so excited to introduce you to The Sea Lyon, a pirate's story.  This story will take you to the high seas where I hope you will find romance and an adventure you will not soon forget!

Welcome to the Pirates of Britannia Connected World. THE SEA LYON is a tale of twists, turns and love on the high seas!

Reputed to be ruthless and feared, pirate Captain Dorian Lyon McAlpin rules over the seas along with his crew of cutthroats aboard his ship, The Mawdelyn. When he chances being caught to see his dying mother, his life takes a drastic turn. Fate brings him face to face the one woman who destroyed his life. It seems the opportunity for revenge is sometimes served on a silver platter.

Running for her life with her infant son, Ileana MacTavish is forced to depend on pirates of all people in order stay alive. With the future uncertain, she demands an audience with the captain of The Mawdelyn. What she doesn’t expect is to find the man who not only hates her, but also is more lethal than the danger she’s running from.
Reserve your copy for this March 27th release!

I introduce you to the swashbuckling, sexy Pirates of Britannia that you love are now part of a connected world! 
One new book every month will be released by some of your favorite Historical Romance authors. The adventures of the Devils of the Deep and Poseidon's Legion will continue in a series of exciting new novellas!