Thursday, December 20, 2018

The End of a Great Year

Two important things to consider doing at the end of the year...



Reflection:  As I look back over 2018, I am mostly pleased.  However I will be remiss if I don't note what I would have done differently.

I would have spent more time in the moment and not so much time allowing my mind to wander to what came next.

I would have done more things that are simple but give me joy. Feeding the birds in my yard, reading on the back porch, meditating and journaling.

I would have been more intentional and focused on what worked best for my career and not what pleased others.

Things I am pleased about include going on girlfriend trips.  A day trip with my husband that we both enjoyed tremendously.  I laughed a lot with friends at lunches and while visiting one another.  I continued to pursue my hobbies and made new, wonderful friends through them.

I am also glad I took time to stretch my boundaries and wrote in different genres. This gives me a clearer idea of what direction to head in 2019.

A New Start:  The main thing that I take with me into 2019 is the word "Intentional".  I plan to be more intentional about what I do, say and how I spend my time.

I will say "no" to things that won't further my career and take time away from what I enjoy doing with my friends and family.

I will write down a plan so that I have a clearer purpose of what I set out to accomplish.

Lastly, I will be KIND.  Do my bet to spread kindness into this world that needs it so desparately.

So dear friends, I urge you to consider what you would have liked to change about 2018 and take this information forward to the new year so that you can be clearer and more focused. It's best to be prepared so that at the end of the year when you reflect, the list of things you are glad for is much longer than the list of regrets.

Happy Holidays for those of you that celebrate and I wish you an amazing and fruitful 2019!!

Friday, July 27, 2018

Life in the Writer's Lane

I'm fat.

There I've said it.  Bring on the comments about how I shouldn't put myself down.  Body shaming.  blah blah blah.  My ass needs to lose weight. Hard to do when I hate exercising and love eating.

I'm beautiful.

There is such a thing as feeling great about yourself despite not liking some things.  Whether it's gray hair, extra pounds, stretch marks or whatever.  Beauty is not physical as much as it is internal.  It's a state of mind.

I am successful.

No matter your position, how much money you make or how many people call you famous, you can be whoever you want to be. In my opinion, success is measure by friendships, impacts on others and being the best you possible.

I'm tired of writing...sometimes

Every writer gets tired of it.  Some days I wake up and want to be normal.  I want the stories in my head to stop. It's hard to have a mind that won't stop whirling.  I suppose I'm tired because it's hard to sleep.  

I love being me.

One day maybe I'll retire as a writer, I'm thinking maybe in ten years, or maybe fifteen.  For now, I'm excited to see what my future hold.  I will keep being me.  Hildie, the fat, beautiful, successful writer!

Happy Reading!

Friday, July 20, 2018

Are you a Dog or a Squirrel?

Bark. Bark. Bark.

Every day, my little dogs constantly bark at the squirrels through the window. The dogs are inside on the couch while the squirrels are outside raiding the the bird feeder. I'm pretty sure both find the activity enjoyable.  Me, not so much.

The dogs tails wag wildly as they bark non-stop. Meanwhile, the squirrels jump from the tree branch on to the feeder, grab seeds and hop down. Ignoring the barks, the pesky squirrels sit on the grass munching out while staring toward the window. 

This brings me to consider. Am I more like the dogs or the squirrels?

Do I make noise and criticize others as they take chances? Do I work as hard as those that are willing to go out on a limb?  Is it easier for me to find excuses than to take risks? After all, its much safer to remain inside, protected by a screen than to be out there exposing myself to criticism and doubt. It could be some of us prefer to do the talking than to be out there being talked about.

I think I'd rather be the squirrel in this case. The go-getter that takes chances and tries new things. I want to think I'm on track to becoming more successful by going out on a limb (pun intended) and ignoring the "barks" from critics. Yes taking chances and working hard is not the easy way. 

In my opinion, its better to one day say I did my best than to wonder what if.

What about you? Are you the dog or the squirrel? If you are more like my little yappy dogs, what are you planning to do about it?

Happy Reading!!

Picture of Marty, the squirrel

Monday, June 25, 2018

Here Comes the Bride

Scarlett's book was a tough one to write. She's a strong heroine and her story came easy.  As a matter of fact, this character was one that I truly felt connected to and wanted to write.  Because of what she went through, I knew she deserved a good man and a great love story.

However, the hero, he is definitely another story.  I will admit there were times I didn't care for Emmett at all and wanted to jump into the story and slap him a couple times.  How people handle situations is not always the right way, however, in the end as long as we understand where they come from and that they work through it, it can pay off.

So in the case of Scarlett and Emmett, I hope that you will feel that they worked through the situations as best they could and in the end were better people than when you first met them.

Thank you for reading these stories of brave women who traveled west in search of a better life and hopefully find love along the way!

Happy Reading!


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Thursday, March 15, 2018

Langley's Legacy - Start it today!

My book Patrick's Proposal is part of the 6-book Langley Legacy series!

Beare and Forebeare” (be patient and endure)

Meet the Langley’s who’ve traveled from their homeland of Ireland with only what they could carry. Along with the meager possessions brought from their homeland of Ireland, were a piece of lace and a silver pocket watch with the family motto “Beare and Forebeare” inscribed inside.

When the Langley’s settled in New Dawn Springs, Oregon, little did they suspect the land would be a legacy to those who would come after them and that the land would be owned by the family for generations to come.

Follow the Langley’s rich family history through the years as told through the wonderful storytelling voices of these six bestselling authors.

A rash marriage proposal changes their lives forever, but will it keep her from danger or make things worse?
Emma Davis has no recourse but to run for her life on a stormy night. Seeking shelter in a barn she prays for a reprieve from a life of misery. When the son of a family in good standing helps her, Emma knows he'll expect something in return. It's time to run again, but where can she possibly go?
Patrick Langley's life has been good but predictable. When a woman needing protection enters his life on a stormy night, little does he realize, just how much things are about to change. She brings equal parts of passion and danger. The first is stronger than any storm.
A story of trust and new beginnings.
Note: Explicit Adult Content
" Beare and Forbeare"

1850 - FINN’S FORTUNE, by Kathleen Ball
1875 - PATRICK’S PROPOSAL, by Hildie McQueen
1899 - DONOVAN’S DECEIT, by Kathy Shaw
1933 - AIDAN’S ARRANGEMENT, by Peggy McKenzie
1968 - HEATH’S HOMECOMING, by Merry Farmer
Present Day - COLLIN’S CHALLENGE, by Sylvia McDaniel

Read it today and prepare to be pulled into Langley's Legacy!!

Monday, February 12, 2018

Love on the High Seas!

I'm so excited to introduce you to The Sea Lyon, a pirate's story.  This story will take you to the high seas where I hope you will find romance and an adventure you will not soon forget!

Welcome to the Pirates of Britannia Connected World. THE SEA LYON is a tale of twists, turns and love on the high seas!

Reputed to be ruthless and feared, pirate Captain Dorian Lyon McAlpin rules over the seas along with his crew of cutthroats aboard his ship, The Mawdelyn. When he chances being caught to see his dying mother, his life takes a drastic turn. Fate brings him face to face the one woman who destroyed his life. It seems the opportunity for revenge is sometimes served on a silver platter.

Running for her life with her infant son, Ileana MacTavish is forced to depend on pirates of all people in order stay alive. With the future uncertain, she demands an audience with the captain of The Mawdelyn. What she doesn’t expect is to find the man who not only hates her, but also is more lethal than the danger she’s running from.
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I introduce you to the swashbuckling, sexy Pirates of Britannia that you love are now part of a connected world! 
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Friday, October 6, 2017

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Take a break from the hectic holiday season with this collection of timeless Christmas Kisses. From USA Today Bestselling and award-winning authors, this set includes -

A Knight's Christmas Wish by LANA WILLIAMS -
Weary and injured, Sir Rylan wants only to return home for Christmas but first must deliver terrible news to a now widowed lady. Lady Kayte has been miserable married to a gruff lord and fears her late husband’s brother will claim her. Will the strong, handsome knight be the answer to her prayers?

Destiny’s Kiss by ELIZABETH ROSE -
A surprise kiss under the mistletoe from a burly Scot has the English Lady Annalyse wishing she hadn’t been raised in a nunnery. Ross Douglas has come to England for revenge, but finds his destiny changed in ways he could have never imagined. Can one kiss change the fate of two people forever?

Wish Upon a Winter Solstice by EMMA PRINCE –
When Keita Cameron trespasses onto the lands of her clan’s enemy, she never expects to come face to face with the man they call the Demon of Loch Moy—or succumb to the dark heat her captor stirs within her.

Mistletoe Magic by LAUREL O'DONNELL –
A confident knight arrives home to find his childhood friend grown into much more than he remembered. The lady of the castle keeps a dangerous secret that threatens all she holds dear. Will Mistletoe Magic save them?

The Right to Remain Single by BARBARA MONAJEM –
Thomasina Warren has sworn never to marry, but all that stands between her and the latest stodgy suitor of her father’s choice is a very protective ghost. When James Blakely offers to get rid of the ghost, he thinks he’ll be doing a good deed. Instead, he is faced with the hostile Thomasina, her cowardly suitor, pigheaded father, lecherous cousin, an exorcist monk, and a ghost who warns of danger and deadly peril—and a few short days in which to convince Thomasina that with the right man, she might just want to marry after all.

Highland Mists by HILDIE MCQUEEN –
When a strong warrior, Declan, is forced to marry, he does everything in his power to keep from it. Love comes in the most unusual way in this delightful Highlander romance.

Upon A Midnight Clear by AMANDA MCCABE –
Antoinette Duvall and Captain Mark Payne both live relatively lonely lives on the fringes of English village life, but a special moonlit encounter on Christmas Eve brings them together and alters the course of their lives.

Unkissable Knight by ANNA MARKLAND –
Dervenn de Roure is a hero of the Battle of Hastings, the same conflict that left Victorine orphaned and facing poverty. She must marry to survive. Dervenn's scarred face bears testimony to his sacrifice, but the haughty Victorine cannot overlook the fact he is Breton, not Norman. It might take an unlikely matchmaker like William the Conqueror to make her see Dervenn is the man she needs.

Wild Highland Mistletoe by ELIZA KNIGHT –
Dunrobin Castle is overflowing with excitement and holiday spirit because of the upcoming Sutherland clan gathering. But when a mysterious missive arrives begging Laird and Lady Sutherland for help in a rescue mission, they leave the safety of the castle, and ride headlong into a trap.

One Knight’s Kiss by CATHERINE KEAN –
Days before Christmas, Lady Honoria Whitford buys a book at the market to add to her prized collection. As Christmas mischief under the Kissing Bough unfolds with Lord Tristan de Champagne, so does the secret of the book—one destined to bring great peril but also ever-after love.