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Saturday, February 11, 2017

Excerpt from Aurora, A Romantic Bride

Women cooed at Milford's mother as he and his father helped her to the stairway. Not a second later, they moved away and reached for a fresh cocktail. It was well understood. They were to remain until Mr. Jameson returned to give an update on his wife's health.
The conversation buzzed as Aurora moved closer to the patio doorway.
"I hope you are paying attention to your mother-in-law’s lessons on how to keep your social events forefront on society's lips." The woman, Gertrude, had come to stand next to her.
She was pretty in a no-nonsense sort of way. Her dark hair was pulled up allowing into a tumble of curls to fall from it’s holdings. Gertrude rolled her eyes and curled her upper lip. "All she had to do was feign a headache and excuse herself if she was bored with our company. Of course, that would not have made for gossip fodder."
"It does cut our evening short, which is distressful for some of the guests. This way, she cannot be blamed," Aurora said immediately, regretting her slip. "However, I'm sure she overtaxed herself today."
The woman smiled and Aurora immediately liked her. “Perhaps this is a good time for me to slip away. I find myself with a headache.”
Gertrude lifted an eyebrow. “I can certainly understand why.”
Not wanting to ponder what Gertrude knew, Aurora nodded and hurried away.
She went to her father, who stood next to doors leading outside to the gardens. "Enjoy the rest of your evening, Father. I'm going home. I have a headache."
He looked around the room and huffed. "Quite so. I'll join you." He motioned for her mother, who shook her head. "Ah well, she'll ride home with the Pattersons, I'm sure, as she will remain until the end to ensure our hostess is not in grave danger of sudden death," he mumbled. Aurora laughed, gaining astonished looks.
"Come, Father, before you get me in more trouble."

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Boys will be Boys!  An Excerpt from Wilhelmina, A Winter Bride

Laurel, Montana, near Billings

Marcus Hamilton spurred his horse forward to rush after his brother’s. They raced toward the stables and, as always, it became part of the competition between them. The rascal had a good lead on him, but Marcus' horse was faster. He reached the barn just as Tobias dismounted.
When Marcus tackled Tobias from behind, both fell to the ground rolling over each other, throwing punches. The horses, smarter than their owners, moved away from the ruckus and voluntarily entered the corral area.
Tobias landed a hard punch to Marcus’ jaw and he fell back, blinking away the stars that appeared. Seeing the advantage, Tobias scrambled over and sunk a fist into his brother’s gut.
"Boys! Cut it out right now!" Their father's deep voice was followed by two swift kicks, one for each of them.
Tobias tumbled off of Marcus and landed on the ground next to him. Both looked up at a furious Jacob Hamilton. "Enough of this nonsense. Marcus, you have no right to be angry with your brother. It was clearly an accident that he hit you with the rope."

Marcus sat up and glared at his brother. "Twice?" When Tobias grinned, Marcus almost punched him again. But his father's presence stopped him. He rubbed at the side of his face. "I've got scratches all over the side of my face from the rope. He didn't have to be so close. Both of us know he's too good of a roper for it to be an accident."

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Tales of The West

Howdy Y'all!

Welcome to my new weekly feature, Tales of the West, where I will tell you some interesting information about love and relationships in the "Wild West"!

The Mail Order Bride and the relationships worked out.

From the January 8, 1882 Kansas City printing of the Matrimonial News. 

Gentlemen seeks domestic paradise: 

"A gentleman of 25 years old, 5 feet 3 inches, doing a good business in the city, desires the acquaintance of a young intelligent and refined lady possessed of some means, of a loving disposition from 18 to 23, and one who could make home a paradise."

As you may expect, some relationships fared well, while others floundered or didn't come to be at all.  Sometimes men who struggled financially expected the bride to arrive with enough money to help them in whatever venture they hoped to make a living at.

Gold mining followed by the end of the civil war after which many migrated west, created an environment of mostly males in the western United States.

Once the men settled into and towns prospered and grew, the men then wished for families and partners to share their life with.  The best answer was to get women from back east to move to the west.  Being most women would not move so far without some sort of guarantee, the Mail Order bride system became the obvious choice for many.

The "mail order brides" of the American west were the "supply" that met two "demands". For the men of the west who far outnumbered women and wanted to create families, farms, and towns, a mail order bride could be the solution. And for young women of the eastern states who faced loneliness, poverty, and the social stigma of spinsterhood if they didn't marry, being a mail order bride could offer social and economic opportunity. "Shandi Stevenson"

Miners and outlaws were some of the worst some women encountered when arriving only to find their husband to be lived in a tent, or worse had been hung for murder.  The poor woman then had to fend for herself in a most untamed of territories.

However, there were many a successful marriage and I'm sure many who lived out the dream of falling in love and finding their partner for life!

Property of Julie Morgan, Staff Writer for History Buff

Tuesday, November 29, 2016


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Tuesday, November 22, 2016

What I'm Thankful For...Turkey Trot Blog Hop!

Happy Thanksgiving my USA lovelies!

Today I'm going to list the top five things I am most thankful for and then I'm going to do a fun giveaway!

1.  God in my life.  Until I found a small church, Vineyard Church of Augusta, I felt adrift.  I hope you find your truth, whether it be a a religion or a spiritual guide seek what it takes to settle your soul.

2.  My husband. Let me tell you something many don't believe is true. (I promise it's true) This year will be our fifteenth anniversary and the Mr. and I have never had an argument. Not one fight.  We're both too easy going to sweat the small stuff.  Usually we either laugh annoyances off or roll our eyes and let it go.  He is an amazing man, who was willing to take on a crazy single mom and her two teenage daughters without blinking an eye.  He not only accepted my girls, but boy did he love them.  That he loves us so much it makes me get teary just thinking about it.

3.  Circle of friends.  I love people and enjoy making new friends.  However I have a core circle of friends I know will not only support me through the rough parts, but will walk through the "valley of death" beside me.

4.  Dogs.  Everyone should have a dog at least once in their life.  The unwavering love from a creature that loves you no matter what is one of those things that makes life so much better.  Its always a party when you get home and if you need someone  to listen without judgement, no one is better than a dog.  I like cats too, but my cats would walk off when I started talking.

5.  Last but not least, I am thankful for new opportunities and fresh starts.  Take a few moments today and consider the one are you'd like a start fresh start.  Whether a new career, a relationship or the dreary wall color.  Don't put it off, go forth and conquer!

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Question:  Which area of your life would you like to refresh?  What is the first step?

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