Friday, November 20, 2015


Thank you for stopping by my blog today.  I'm so excited about my release for De Wolfe Pack world. Beneath a Silver Sky.  My story is a western historical featuring a Highlander who comes to the new world and works as a US Marshal.  The idea came to me because I'd started the story in the Highlands when Katheryn Le Veque asked me to make it a western. I write both genres, so of course I said yes!

I think you will find Brogan Hage, a descendent of Kevin Hage (The Scorpion) both intimidating and super sexy.

Here is the book's premise:

What happens with a young woman's first love is a hardened man? 

Trouble follows Brogan Hage into Silver City, Idaho, when injuries force him to seek medical attention. An unexpected offer has him thinking about settling in the bustling town. Between outlaws showing up and a beautiful passionate woman, the hardened lawman is not sure which is more dangerous. 

Town doctor's daughter, Sarah Sutherland, finds herself fiercely attracted to the wounded U.S. Marshal in her care. The fact he has a reputation for ruthlessness does not stop her from falling in love. 

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Hope you purchase Beneath a Silver Sky. I hope that you enjoy the story and let me know what you think.  Either email me or leave a review.  Reviews are the best gift you can give an author.

Have a beautiful day and Happy Reading!!

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Tuesday, November 17, 2015

On Thursday, Highland Wishes releases.  I want to give you guys a bit of information on this Holiday Collection.  I've never been in an anthology with one of my Highlander Romances, so when I was asked to join these amazing authors, I did a happy dance and then typed YES!!  Actually I think I typed "OH HELL YESSSSS!!!!!"

If you read any kind of historical romance I assure you, this collection will make you a want to pick up more from each of these authors.  Hopefully mine too (snicker)

Here are the links to purchase.  Oh and by the way....GET THIS...It's only .99cents on Amazon!!  It's $2.99 on B&N (not sure why)  

Blurb for Highland Wishes to whet your appetite.

Join USA TODAY BESTSELLING authors Glynnis Campbell, Suzan Tisdale, and Kathryn Le Veque, and BESTSELLING authors Hildie McQueen and Emma Prince for four holiday-inspired never before published tales that are sure to warm your heart this holiday season. 
Deep in the Scottish Highlands stood a well, left behind by the Northmen who had built a longhouse upon the site. The longhouse eventually crumbled, the Norse died off, but the well remained. The well was built upon a crag, high above the land, and built in dark gray stone that is native to the area. Upon the stones of the well were carved these words:
May your journey be quiet and your days of joy long. May your deeds remain strong for Odin. May your love stay true to your noble heart.

Happy Reading!!!