Friday, April 3, 2015

Happy April,

This is my first post in years.  I've decided to use this blog as a place to put my thoughts, announce upcoming events, share story ideas and post excerpts.  Enjoy!

A Day in the Life...

Although autumn is my favorite season, I revel in spring. Love the promise of new things that come with this time of year.  Every spring I rush to the local home improvement store and buy annuals, plant them and subsequently ignore them until they die.  I promise my husband I'll take care of them and then I forget all about them.  I hide the hidden shriveled things as if by throwing them away means they never happened.  Yeah, I know it's lame.

So this year, I'm not going to do it.  Yes I am going to buy pretty bright annuals, yes I will put them in cute little pots.  But the difference is that I'm going to give them away.  Each little flowering pretty plant will get a chance to live by going to a home other than mine!


My writer friend Olivia Gaines and I are working on a super exciting project.  I can only hint that it's sizzling, it's hot, it's...scorching!  It's also blue and brown.  I've writen two novellas for this project during the last few weeks, which has been a lot of fun.  I love exploring new genres and pushing my limits.  This summer, you will find out what this is all about and I know you will LOVE it.


Next Releases in order

April - The Last Hero, the 2nd book in the Fords of Nashville Series.

May - The Storm, the fourth and last book in The Highlander Series.  I am currenly writing this one, hopefully it will be out before the end of the month.

The Laird's Daughter, the fourth in the Moraig Series, is about halfway done.  I plan to release it sometime before mid-June

Life List....April / May (Lets see how many you can do with me!)

  • Start a Gratitude Journal
  • Plan Summer Vacation
  • Buy a Pastel Tote
  • Get a Pink Pedicure
  • Meet a Friend for Tea
  • Read Two Books
  • Go on a long walk Outdoors
  • Try a new Hairstyle
  • Call a Relative for a fun Chat
  • Redecorate a space in my Home

Have a wonderful Springtime my dear friends!

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