Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Hello May!

May is my favorite month.  It's the month we celebrate motherhood, spring and my birthday!

In honor of my month, I am showcasing my favorite green things, emerald is the stone for May afterall.  I will share excerpts  from my upcoming releases and last but not least Lola will close it up!

My top 3 Favorite Green things.....drumroll please....

1.  Trees

2.  Emeralds

3.  Scotland

Two Releases this Month!! God willing and the creek don't rise.

First Highlander, The Storm on May 1st!

Highlander, the Storm.  The final installment of the Highlander saga featuring twin brohers Valent and Steaphan.  This book focuses on a new hero, Ross McLeod who upon finding a healer to save his father, finds love as well.  Order a copy today! Click Here

Excerpt from The Storm

An hour later, Ariana entered the chamber, her beautiful golden-brown eyes going to his face immediately.  She came to him and wrapped her arms around his waist and laid her head onto his chest.  Within minutes, the front of his tunic was wet from her tears.  His wife was plush, an intoxicating blend of sensuality and strength.  He pulled her face up to him and kissed her salty cheeks, then took her mouth tenderly.  "I know you had grown close to him, too.  I didn't mean to shut you out earlier."
"I understand.  You had him since you were a boy.  I imagine your heart is broken."  She sniffed and caressed his jaw.
Although married for five years, he never lost his urgent need to take her, to have her under him, claiming her body over and over.  Ariana seemed to understand where his mind wandered as she reached up and began pulling the pinnings from her hair, allowing the auburn tresses to fall past her shoulders.
She moved back and pulled at the ties freeing herself from the clothing around her waist, the bodice of her dress fell open and her upper body became bare to him.
Valent remained still, not daring to move so she wouldn't stop, his eyes devoured ever inch of exposed skin, his arousal already hardening in expectation.
She slipped her skirting away and he allowed his gaze to move from her bare feet up shapely legs to her rounded hips.  Her triangle of reddish hair drew his attention next and his mouth fell open with the needed exhalation of breath.

"Come to me, Valent.  I need you."  She slid her hands down the front of her chest, her fingers splayed and she cupped her breasts.  "I want to belong to you fully tonight."

Second Relase, The Laird's Daughter, Mid May!

The Laird's Daughter.  Ian McRainey is not who everyone thinks him to be.  Will his true identity help or hinder any possibility with the McNeil's beautiful daughter Elsbeth?

Lola's Corner

It's my mama's birthday month, so I plan to assist her more by not forcing her to hold my chewy at night.  Maybe I will pay attention when she calls me, but I'm not sure, sometimes I'm busy keeping watch and she doesn't really want anything.  She hugs me too tight and keeps kissing my head, which can be nice, but the woman needs a life. 

 I have a special birthday/mother's day present for Mama Hildie.  She can take me to get my nails done and to the Pet Store to buy me a new walking vest.  I will try not throw up in the car or bite anyone that tries to pet me.

 Hildie's Assistant, Lola

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