Thursday, December 24, 2015

The Wolf of Skye

Released just in time for holiday reading!

Fate's wicked sense of humor strikes Highland guard Faolan Mackinnon when he ends up betrothed to Catriona Grant, a fiery lass, who he met only minutes earlier.

A heartbroken Highland guard's last desperate attempt to regain the woman he loves becomes a journey across Scotland to a mysterious well that grants wishes. However upon getting to know a beautiful lass in the village of Moy, Faolan Mackinnon questions his true feelings.

Catriona Grant is sure both her overbearing brother and the handsome stranger from Skye will balk when she challenges the newcomer to announce their betrothal.  Instead she finds herself tied to a man, who is too honorable to dismiss her public pronouncement.

How will two people who destiny brings together in the most unconventional way find they are meant to be?


Still dancing, her bright smile faltered when Paden got to his feet. "She'll be the death of me." His new friend rushed to the table, plucked the lass from the tabletop and set her upon the floor. "Go home, Catriona, and see about that unruly mess of hair." The crowd booed at Paden, but he ignored them.
"I will not." She rushed to the table where Faolan sat and plopped down onto Paden's empty chair. With a pout, she lifted Paden's tankard and drank deeply.
"Catriona," Paden growled, then gave up. He dragged another chair over and sat. "Why do you insist on being foolish?" Her brother took the tankard back while she gifted him with a broad smile.
"I love you, brother of mine, but you are much too serious." She had a melodious voice that matched her beauty perfectly. Instead of sitting upright and still as any lady should, she rocked side to side in time to the music. "I love this tune."
Paden looked to Faolan. "Do you see now why I cannot marry as of yet?"
"Aye," Faolan replied only to garner a glare from Catriona who just then seemed to notice him. Her face reddened and she blinked several times while studying him. "Who are you?"
"Catriona," Paden motioned to Faolan. "This is Faolan Mackinnon of Skye."
"Skye really?" She leaned forward inspecting him as if he were the most interesting thing. "Truly?"
"Aye." Faolan's throat became dry and his heart beat faster. "Have you been there?"
She shook her head slowly and then looked to Paden, who studied them both. "Is this he?"
"What are you referring to sister?" Paden motioned for a tavern woman to come and refill their drinks. "I have no idea what you speak of."
The lass narrowed her eyes at Faolan. "It is you. I know it."
"Who do you think I am?"
"Fine, continue to play this silly game." She huffed and got to her feet. Her gaze on Faolan, she lifted an eyebrow as if in challenge. "Do not expect me to become a wilted lolly who will do every one of your biddings."
"I would never expect that of you lass," Faolan said truthfully. He rather liked her nature and hoped no one would ever try to change her.
She turned to her brother. "Very well then. Bring him along. I'll do it."
Both he and Paden exchanged questioning looks and then waited for Catriona to elaborate. Instead, she laughed at something someone said to her and clapped to get everyone's attention. Someone motioned to the musicians and the music ceased. The crowd quieted.
The slender lass climbed onto the chair and held her arms out as if welcoming the room. "Attention everyone. My lout of a brother has decided to marry me off." She waited for the hisses and boos to end before continuing. "Hence forth, I will soon be married to Faolan Mackinnon, the Wolf of Skye." She motioned to him with much fanfare and the entire room focused on him with eager expressions. Obviously she'd used the Celtic meaning of his name to garner a reaction from the crowd.
Paden let out a groan and shrugged when Faolan looked to him for help.
The silence lingered until finally Faolan got to his feet and lifted a hand. The room erupted in cheers and tankards were lifted in toasts. A group of men rushed over and lifted Faolan onto their shoulders, carrying him around the room as the music resumed.
When he was brought back to the table and dropped onto the chair, drinks were shoved into Faolan's hands and more than one man clapped him on the back calling him courageous.

Catriona watched with arms crossed and a triumphant look as an older man approached. "Foolhardy if you ask me. No one would marry the lass; she's a good girl but much too strong-willed for her own good. If it were not for the announcement, I'd advise you to run and go as far as possible." The man shook his head and placed a bottle of whiskey on the table. "This may help."

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